Annachi poo in English

Hello Vangappa, In this post, you are going to learn about “Annachi poo in English”. The English name of annachi poo is “Star Anise“. All of them know about “Annachi palam,” but only some of them know about the benefits of Annachi poo. It’s used as a food flavouring ingredient, which is mostly used in the Southern region of India. But this poo is mostly grown in the region of Arunachal Pradesh. Apart from flavouring, it provides a lot of benefits for your health.

The taste of annachi poo is sweet and salty. Mostly, we used this poo in biriyani to increase flavour. Ok, Let me tell a small story about annachi poo. As I said before, it’s a plant highly cultivated in Arunachal Pradesh. In 1970, the Rosh company from China founded this flower. They know this flower has medicinal properties. During that period, they came from China to Arunachal Pradesh (India) via shortcut roots. They came to get more star anise (annachi poo) from India.

After some research, they found shikimic acid present in annachi poo. Next, they found oseltamivir present in that shikimic acid (from star anise). Nowadays, oseltamivir is sold under the brand name Tamiflu. It’s an antiviral drug that is used for treating influenza. Now that we all understand the medicinal properties of star anise, Like all herbal plants, it has its own medicinal properties to treat several diseases.

Listed the top 10 benefits of annachi poo in English:

  1. Helps in digestion
  2. Removes knee pain
  3. Cures headache
  4. Anti-viral properties
  5. Reduces bloated stomach
  6. Cures cold and fever
  7. Clear blood toxins
  8. Keeps kidney healthy
  9. Cures skin allergy
  10. Improves sleep quality

1. Helps in digestion:

Generally, all of us have faced indigestion problems in our lives. Nowadays, we all consume packaged foods, junk foods, oily snacks, etc. These all cause indigestion problems. Don’t worry. After eating heavy foods, take annachi poo powder with hot water. It definitely helps with digestion and boosts the immune system.

2. Removes knee pain:

Mainly Knee pain is caused by the age factor and overlifting. Nowadays, after attaining the age of 40, we all get knee pain and muscle pain. To get relief from knee pain, mix annachi poo powder with castor oil. Also, add eucalyptus oil. Heat the oil. Apply it to your knees, muscles, and stomach to get relief from any body pain.

3. Cures headache:

Headaches are caused by stress, tension, viral infections, etc. Generally, we take tablets to treat headaches, but it’s not required. Take 50g of annachi poo powder and mix it with eucalyptus oil. Massage it for 10 minutes. It absorbs pain and provides relief from headaches.

4. Anti-viral properties:

If you are affected by any viral fever. Don’t worry. The anti-viral properties of annanchi poo are enough to kill any viral or bacterial infection. Actually, this is the official medicine to treat the influenza virus. For internal usage, take annachi poo powder with hot water. Add honey to taste. It helps to reduce viral fever and inflammation.

5. Reduces bloated stomach:

Generally, a bloated stomach is caused by a high amount of intestinal gas stored in the stomach. It makes your stomach bigger. Take a small amount of annachi poo powder and mix it with omam water. Massage it on the stomach in a circular motion. Leave it for 30 minutes. It will reduce the bloated stomach. For heavy pain, kindly consult a doctor before using any remedies.

6. Cures cold and fever:

For reducing colds and fevers, you don’t need any injections or tablets. Annachi poo is enough to treat normal colds and fevers. For external usage, take one tablespoon of annachi poo powder, Jeera, and Milagu. Boil it well with pure water. Drink it hot. This combination produces a powerful antioxidant, and it relieves fever within two days.

7. Clear blood toxins:

Blood toxins cause skin problems, viral fever, lower immunity, body weakness, etc. So, we need to detoxify our body and purify our blood. Taking lemon water with annachi poo powder helps purify blood toxins. Also, avoiding smoking and drinking helps to get better. Instead, drink healthy fruit juices.

8. Keeps kidneys healthy:

Annachi poo keeps your kidneys healthy and prevents kidney diseases. Nowadays, most of them are affected by kidney stone problems. Taking annachi poo kashayam or tea helps to relieve kidney stones and also removes stomach pain. Drink 8–10 glasses of water daily to keep your kidneys healthy.

9. Cures skin allergy:

Someone always gets skin problems like acne, pimples, skin irritation, etc. Generally, it is caused by an unhealthy diet, a lack of immune power, bacterial infections, and genetic disorders. Annachi poo has the power to remove any type of skin allergy. Take annachi poo powder, neem powder, and rose powder. Mix it well and make a thick paste. Apply it to your skin. With regular usage, skin problems will be cured.

10. Improves sleep quality:

In our generation, most of them work in the IT field. We use laptops and mobile phones overnight. It causes a lack of quality sleep. Finally, it feels like there is a lack of energy in the morning. Taking annachi poo powder with milk improves sleep quality. Also, improve brain power.

Frequently asked questions:

a). Annachi poo effective for weight loss?

Yes, annachi poo is effective for weight loss. For internal usage, take annachi poo powder (2 tbs), jeeragam (1 tbs), omam (1 tbs), Ceylon pattai (3 pieces), and daniya (2 tbs). Make a powder with a mixer. Daily, use the powder (1 tbsp) with hot water. It reduces body fat and boosts immune power.

b). Star anise in Tamil:

The Tamil names of the star anise are “Annachi poo” and “Annasi poo”.

c). Annachi poo price:

The price of annachi poo is different in each shop. Approximately, the price range is between 30 and 150 rupees based on quantity.

d). Why someone called annasi poo?

Annachi poo is also called annasi poo in Tamil Nadu.


I hope you get quality information about “Annachi poo” or “Annasi poo”. Really, it’s very beneficial for treating fevers, skin allergies, and digestive problems. If you like this post, kindly share it on your social media platforms. Subscribe to Vangappa to get regular herbal-related updates. Thank you. Be natural; always vangappa!

By Karthikeyan

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