About me


Hello, vangappa! I’m Karthikeyan from the temple city of Madurai. I started this blog on April 1, 2023. First of all, thank you for your interest in knowing about me.

Actually, I’ve done B.Tech IT in the year 2021. After a small amount of struggle, failures, mistakes, and rejections this VIP graduate stands out in front of you as a letter. I do not consider my previous parts to be the worst because they give me powerful motivation to meet you, friend. But one thing I understand at the age of 23

“Learning is way better than earning”

In that way, I started learning more about what I like and what I want to become as a leader. Ok, my interesting and passionate zones are “Digital marketing” and “Blogging”. In my previous blogs, I worked for money. But In this blog, I work for my readers, apart from my earnings. That’s the job of a successful blogger, which I want to become.

Ok bro, What is vangappa?

Yes, welcome. I hope you understand. All of them love natural products, but only a small number of people use them in their real lives. I’m right. The reason is a lack of awareness or proper information about natural products. So, I picked this topic, and I’ve had little experience with natural products.

Vangappa is a natural herbal blog. In this blog, you are going to learn about the benefits, uses, and importance of natural herbs that were gifted to us by our god.

If you like my blog, Let’s travel together; you are going to get precious natural information from today. All the information provided in this blog is general information, so consult your nearby doctor before consuming any new things because everyone’s body is different.

Thank you for your support friend, Be natural, always vangappa!

Follow my social media pages. For any queries or suggestions about my blog, you can share them with me on my below SM accounts. Thank you.

Be natural, always Vangappa!