10 amazing nalangu maavu benefits for skin

Nalangu maavu benefits

10 amazing nalangu maavu benefits for skin:

Hello Vangappa, In this post, you are going to learn about “10 amazing Nalangu Maavu benefits for skin”. Nalangu maavu is also called ubtan powder or herbal bath powder. This is one of the traditional facial powders that our elders gifted us. Nowadays, many of them go to facial parlours to remove skin tan, pimples, fix uneven skin tones, etc. Truly, I don’t know much more about the facial department, because I never tried any facial creams. 

But I used Nalangu bath powder. Once upon a time, I worked for an herbal company. From there, I bought nalangu powder for my mom. My co-workers said this powder is usable for both men and women. So, my whole family started using Nalangu herbal bath powder. According to my experience, this nalangu maavu makes my face softer and firmer than before. Also, it provides a little brightening effect on my skin.

I don’t know if it provides the same effect as a chemical facial, but I assure you it’s healthier for the skin and better than any soap. So, I started using this Nalangu powder twice a week. It removes your body tan and repairs your skin from sun damage. Actually, this powder is used in the nalangu function (traditional premarital wedding event). It’s used by both men and women to make their faces brighter, and the elders believe it makes couples’ lives brighter than their faces.

Actually, there are a lot of benefits stored in the nalangu maavu. Before explaining its benefits, I share the list of ingredients present in the nalangu maavu.

Visual ingredients of nalangu maavu:

Nalangu maavu benefits for skin
Nalangu maavu benefits
Nalangu maavu benefits for skin

Tabled the 20 nalangu maavu ingredients and their benefits:

Nalangu maavu ingredients listBenefits
pachai payaru (Green gram)It’s a natural exfoliant, so it makes your skin brighter by eliminating dead skin cells.
Kasthuri manjalKasthuri manjal has anti-bacterial properties that clear acne and remove dark spots.
AavarampooAvarampoo brightens your skin and eliminates dark spots, hyperpigmentation, etc.
Poolankilangu (White turmeric)Poolankilangu is an effective remedy to treat pimples and remove unwanted hair.
Sembaruthi poo (Hibiscus)Sembaruthi brings “Tejus” to your face. It makes your face silky and soft.
Dried amlaDried amla is rich in vitamin C, which makes your skin brighter and enhances skin tone.
Rose petalsRose petals calm irritated skin and bring a natural tone to your face.
Cucumber seedsCucumber seeds revitalise your skin and remove wrinkles.
Karboga arisiKarboga arisi is an effective treatment for treating white spots.
AthimathuramAthimathuram brightens your skin and removes dark spots.
Korai kilanguKorai kilangu lightens uneven skin tones and treats scabies.
Nannari rootNannari root clears skin inflammation and calms irritated skin.
Multani mittiMultani mitti lightens skin tone and lightens dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation, etc.
Veppam poo (Neem flower)Veppam poo is effective in treating acne-prone skin and removing excess oil from the skin.
VetiverVettiver supports skin regeneration, which helps form new skin cells and removes dead skin.
Boondi kottaiBoondi kottai makes your skin softer and prevents it from drying out.
TulasiTulasi is rich in antioxidants, which make your skin younger and treat skin problems.
VasambuVasambu prevents premature ageing and treats skin inflammation.
shenbaga pooShenbaga poo relieves stress from the skin and makes it glow.
MarikolunthuMarikolunthu moisturizes your skin and firms loose skin.
Nalangu maavu benefits for skin

Listed the 10 amazing benefits of nalangu maavu for skin:

  1. Brightens your skin
  2. Polishes your skin tone
  3. Reduces blackheads
  4. Powerful tan remover
  5. Anti-aging properties
  6. Clears pimples and acne
  7. Improves acne scars
  8. Boosts skin collagen
  9. Supports skin regeneration
  10. Enhances natural skin tone

1. Brightens your skin:

There are many skin care products that claim to whiten the skin. But the fact is, no product changes your skin colour permanently. As the same, nalangu maavu makes your skin brighten in a healthy way but not whiten. The combination of 20 herbs makes your skin free from any skin problems and enhances your skin’s radiance. So, when you use Nalangu bath powder regularly, you can see some skin-brightening effects.

2. Polishes your skin tone:

The ingredients present in the nalangu maavu give you a blushy tone on your skin. Mainly, the powerful combination of avarampoo, poolankilangu, and orithal thamarai makes your skin shine and gives it a natural glow. So, use ubtan powder regularly; you can definitely see the result from the first usage.

3. Reduces blackheads:

Most oily-skinned people have more blackheads and whiteheads. This happens due to excess sebum production on their skin. Nalangu maavu contains multani mitti, rose powder, and avarampoo powder that remove excess oil from the skin. Also, it removes blackheads and whiteheads by scrubbing the Nalangu bath powder on your face. But one thing: scrub it gently, or else it may cause some skin rashes.

4. Powerful tan remover:

During the summer, many of them are affected by sunburn. Nowadays, many of them use sunscreen creams to protect their skin from sun tan and sunburn. But that type of cream may cause skin irritation or rashes. Nalangu maavu is a natural sun tan remover, so you don’t need any chemical creams that protect you from the sun. Within 4-5 applications, you can remove your sun tan from anywhere on your skin.

5. Anti-ageing properties:

Many of them try to slow their ageing by damaging their skin. That’s the real fact. For a real anti-ageing effect, you need to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. Next, you can enhance your anti-ageing effects with the evergreen nalangu maavu. It’s an ancient face pack that makes your skin firmer, softer, and younger after the first use. If you don’t believe it, try it.

6. Clears pimples and acne:

If you are struggling to deal with acne, pimples, or any skin rashes. Just use nalangu maavu powder on your face; it will instantly kill the bacteria that affect your skin. When you use it regularly or twice a week, it makes your skin free from pimples and acne. Kindly do a patch test before using it on your face because everyone’s skin reacts differently.

7. Improves acne scars:

After struggling with pimples and acne, you will get some dark marks on that place. Actually, it will automatically disappear over a certain period of time. But until it makes your skin uneven, Don’t worry; the nalangu maavu contains powerful ingredients that inhibit melanin production. It means it will help reduce the appearance of acne scars. But it will not happen overnight; it takes at least two months to see the effects.

8. Boosts skin collagen:

Collagen is a type of protein that is naturally present in our body. Due to age and using chemical products, the level of collagen will decrease. Using nalangu maavu regularly helps boost skin collagen levels by tightening the skin. For best results, add collagen-boosting foods to your diet. Some of the collagen-boosting foods are fish, chicken, eggs, etc.

9. Supports skin regeneration:

Skin regeneration and renewal processes mainly occur when you are in deep sleep. It renews damaged skin tissues into new skin tissues. Nalangu maavu helps heal skin wounds faster and supports skin regeneration. Use Nalangu bath powder three times a week to see good results.

10. Enhances natural skin tone:

Before 20 years ago, no one used makeup for their face, but still, they looked pretty and healthy. Actually, chemical beauty products are not suitable for every person. It may cause some adverse effects. Nalangu maavu is completely prepared with natural ingredients that help to enhance your skin naturally.

Ingredients to prepare nalangu maavu face pack:

How to use nalangu maavu facepack on face?

  • Step 1: Buy good-quality nalangu maavu powder online.
  • Step 2: Take all the ingredients that I mentioned.
  • Step 3: Before starting, take a bowl and a tablespoon.
  • Step 4: Firstly, add two tablespoons of nalangu maavu powder to the bowl.
  • Step 5: Next, add one tablespoon of athimathuram powder to it.
  • Step 6: For dry skin, add curd to the powder.
  • Step 7: For oily skin, add rose water to the powder.
  • Step 8: Mix it well and make a thick paste.
  • Step 9: That’s all; the effective Nalangu face pack is ready.
  • Step 10: Apply it to your face and leave it for 20 minutes. After the face is dry, wash it with cold water. Have a glowing day!

Questions related to your search?

a). What is nalangu maavu used for?

Nalangu maavu powder is an ancient facial powder that is used for skin brightening and D-tan purposes and mainly brings out an even tone. Nowadays, it is also available in face washes and facial creams.

b). Can we use nalangu maavu daily?

Yes, you can use nalangu maavu daily as regular bath powder. But for facial skin, you can use it up to three times a week. When you use it regularly, it makes your skin soft and gives it a youthful appearance.

c). Is nalangu maavu good for skin whitening?

No, nalangu maavu doesn’t make your skin whiter like chemical products. The natural ingredients present in the nalangu maavu help reduce skin melanin levels and bring out a bright natural glow.

d). Can I mix nalangu maavu with milk?

Why not? You can mix nalangu maavu powder with raw milk. Make a thick paste and gently apply it to your skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and then wash it off. The combination of nalangu maavu with milk enhances skin radiance and reduces dark spots.

e). How do you use nalangu maavu as a face wash?

Nowadays, Nalangu Maavu also comes in face wash form; you can use it as a normal facewash. but that’s not the pure one. It’s better to use nalangu maavu powder to escape the chemical components and get the natural benefits. In powder form, you can use it for both face and body washing with normal water.

f). What are the benefits of nalangu maavu soap?

Nalangu maavu soap is prepared from the ingredients of nalangu powder. The certain benefits you may get,

  1. Softens your skin
  2. Removes dead skin cells
  3. Instant skin brightening
  4. Removes sun tan
  5. Clears acne scars and pimple marks.

g). Is nalangu maavu good for dry skin?

Yes, it’s effective for people with dry skin because it makes their skin smooth and provides moisture. For dry skin, use nalangu powder with the curd.

h). How to use nalangu maavu for oily skin?

For oily skin, use nalangu maavu powder with rose water. Include multani mitti with it. Use it as a face pack and a body wash; it removes excess oil and dirt stored in the pores. Also, tightens skin pores.

I). What is the price of nalangu powder?

The price of the nalangu maavu differs by brand. But the quality matters. Anyway, the average price of nalangu maavu per 200g is between 170 and 200 rupees.

J). What is meant by nalangu maavu?

Nalangu maavu is referred to as herbal bath powder. Actually, it’s used in the Nalangu function, which is conducted before marriage in India.

K). Is nalangu maavu good for babies?

Yes, nalangu maavu is very effective for babies. It helps to remove the baby’s body tan and improve the baby’s skin tone. But buy nalangu powder specially crafted for babies.

l). Can boys use nalangu maavu?

Yes, it’s usable for both genders. For boys, it’s the best and most affordable solution to take care of your skin from sun tan.

M) Nalangu maavu in english?

The English name of nalangu maavu is “Welfare flour” and “Ubtan powder”.


I hope you get quality information about “Nalangu maavu benefits for skin. Really, you are blessed by your ancestors to get natural beauty care. Try it once; surely it will make the difference from any bath soap. That’s all, friends. If you like this post, kindly share it with your friends and family, and subscribe to Vangappa to get regular natural herb updates. Thank you. Be natural; always vangappa!

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