Top 15 Murungai poo powder benefits

Top 15 Murungai poo powder benefits:

Hello, vangappa! In this post, you are going to learn about the “Top 15 Murungai Poo Powder Benefits.” I know many of them are interested in learning about murungai poo because of its benefits. Actually, we are blessed to have the murungai tree because all parts of the tree (Murungai keerai, poo, and pisin) are rich in medicinal properties that help to cure various diseases. So, it’s named a “Miracle tree”.

On the village side, it’s taken as medicine for fertility and low masculinity. In our current lifestyle, most of them have fertility problems (I mention both men and women). Equally, there are a high number of fertility centers available in India. For infertility problems, most of them spend huge amounts of money without knowing about our traditional medicine or forgetting about it.

Those who are reading this post will get great information today. Ok, Let’s see the complete benefits of murungai poo powder.

Listed the top 15 benefits of murungai poo powder:

  1. Increases fertility
  2. Boosts testosterone levels
  3. Increases sperm counts
  4. Treats diabetes
  5. Improves memory power
  6. Improves eyesight
  7. Treats nerve disorder
  8. Build muscles
  9. Reduces skin infections
  10. Prevents cancer cells
  11. Treats diabetes
  12. Improves bone strength
  13. Relieves menstruation pain
  14. Supports weight loss
  15. Increases appetite

1. Increases fertility:

As we saw a little above, murungai poo has the power to increase fertility levels. The nutrients present in the murungai poo support embryo egg growth. After the embryo development, it turns into a fetus (The baby develops on the mother’s stomach until birth). Both men and women take murungai poo raw or in powder form, which helps increase fertility.

Tips to increase fertility: Take murungai poo powder with raw milk for 45–60 days. It helps solve infertility problems. Mainly, before taking, consult Siddha or an Ayurvedic doctor if you take any other medications.

2. Boosts testosterone levels:

Testosterone is an important sexual hormone that is secreted from Leydig cells. It’s highly present in males (Testis) and lowly present in females (Ovary). If you have low testosterone levels, then it causes infertility, lower masculinity, Body fatigue, Weak muscle, hair loss, and aged skin. Don’t worry; murungai poo powder is an effective solution for boosting testosterone levels.

Tips to boost testosterone: Now I share three tips to boost testosterone: the first is to take murungai poo and Pisin regularly with hot milk for 45 days, and the second is to take high-protein foods like eggs, chicken, paneer, etc. The final thing is to sleep well and perform some cardio exercises.

3. Increases sperm counts:

All of them know that male sperm is a very important factor in childbirth. Apart from sexuality, there are some emotions that are connected between male sperm and female ovum. So, taking murungai poo helps to increase sperm count and the quality of the sperm. Also, it helps to avoid premature ejaculation, night ejaculation, and faster ejaculation during sex.

Tips to increase sperm counts: Take murungai poo powder and dry fruits like badam and cashew. Drink it with fatty milk before one hour of sleep. Definitely, it helps increase sperm levels and gets other benefits too.

4. Treats diabetes:

Most of them think Murungai poo is only effective for increasing sexual production. Actually, it’s very beneficial for diabetes. Taking murangai poo regularly helps lower blood sugar production, and it’s suitable for all types of diabetes. So, If you follow natural medicine like murungai poo or avarampoo, then you don’t require any tablets or insulin injections to reduce blood sugar levels.

Tips for diabetes: Take murungai poo powder with milk for 45 days. Also, add murungai pisin and murungai keerai to your diet. It definitely lowers your blood sugar levels. I can’t guarantee it if you take any sweets or chocolates.

5. Improves memory power:

Nowadays, from children to grandparents, all of them are addicted to mobile phones. So, we lose our natural lives and forget some schedules. Taking murungai poo regularly supports your brain’s function and improves memory power. Therefore, in general, murungai poo powder can be taken by people of all ages to fight memory loss.

Tips to increase memory power: Taking murungai poo powder or Pisin with milk at night improves memory power and promotes deep sleep. Also, add more green-leaf vegetables, fish, and walnuts to your diet.

6. Improves eyesight:

Generally, a person over 45 faces eyesight-related problems. This is due to the lack of a healthy diet at an early age. It’s not too late; taking murungai poo regularly helps to improve short- and long-sight eye problems. It can be taken at any age, like murungai keerai.

Tips to improve eyesight: If you want to improve your eyesight in 45 days, then take murungai poo powder with hot milk. Also, take omega-3-rich foods and mainly avoid smoking.

7. Treats nerve disorders:

Nerve disorders are caused by low immunity, viral infections, some genetic factors, etc. Mainly need to strengthen nerves and lower sugar to treat nerve disorders. Taking murungai poo regularly in your diet helps to strengthen nerves and bones. Also, take vitamin B-rich foods like pomegranate, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts, eggs, fish, etc.

Tips to improve nerve disorders: Taking murungai poo powder with a glass of raw milk helps improve nerve disorders. Include nuts like almonds, cashews, etc.

8. Build muscles:

Those who want to build strong muscles mainly need to boost their testosterone levels and take sufficient protein. As we saw above, murungai poo helps to increase testosterone levels. So it is helpful to build muscles, and it has some protein. Including high-protein foods like eggs, chicken, nuts, and grains supports muscle growth. Anyway, don’t forget to exercise.

Tips to improve muscles: Take murungai poo powder with raw milk before your workout and take protein-rich foods after your workout. So, it helps muscle recovery.

9. Reduces skin infections:

During the summer or winter, many of them face various skin infections. I’m right. Also, it’s natural for everyone. Actually, skin infections are not only cured with the help of external treatments. A proper diet with sufficient sleep helps recover any skin problems. Like murungai poo, murungai poo is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. So, taking it regularly helps heal any skin infections.

Tips to improve skin infections: Apply murungai poo powder on your skin externally (But, don’t try it on sensitive skin) and also take internally cures skin infections faster.

10. Prevents cancer cells:

All of them know cancer is a risky disease. But, as per medical research, some of the cancer is curable in certain stages. Anyway, prevention is better than cure. Murungai leaves and flowers have anti-cancer properties that may help prevent cancer cell formation. Taking more greens and colorful fruits regularly helps prevent diseases.

Tips to improve cancer cells: Taking walnuts, berries, pomegranates, and greens regularly helps prevent cancer cell formation.

11. Treats diabetes:

Nowadays, many of them are affected by diabetes. It’s caused by obesity, insulin resistance, and high blood sugar levels. A simple way to reduce diabetes is to eat low-sugar foods. In that way, including murungai poo regularly in your diet reduces blood sugar levels. Also, scientific research proved that taking a drumstick (Murungai kai) is effective for diabetes.

Tips to improve diabetes: Take murungai poo powder with low-fat milk. Also, take more greens, fruits, and nuts. Mainly avoid sugary foods.

To cure diabetes, try avarampoo tea

12. Improves bone strength:

After the age of 40, most of them feel bone weakness. This is common for this generation. Mainly, lack of exercise, overexercise, and vitamin deficiency cause early bone weakness. Taking murungai poo and Pisin regularly helps to improve bone strength by connecting tissues. Also, it increases red blood cell counts.

Tips to improve bone strength: Take murugai poo powder with hot milk and include high-protein and calcium-rich foods in the diet.

13. Relieves menstruation pain:

Murungai poo is effective in treating menstrual pain. During the menstrual period, taking murungai poo helps to reduce menstrual cramps (pain), high blood loss, and irregular periods. Generally, girls have high body heat in their lower stomachs, which causes high menstrual pain. So, taking Murungai Pisin also helps reduce body heat.

Tips for menstrual pain relief: Take murungai poo powder with hot water. Also, taking oranges, bananas, ginger, dark chocolate, Chamomile Tea, oats, nuts, and resins helps reduce menstrual cramps.

14. Supports weight loss:

Most of them think weight loss is difficult and see no results. The reason for no results is inconsistency in both diet and exercise. Adding murungai poo helps to boost testosterone levels, which helps to build lean muscle. So, taking murungai poo with regular exercise makes you fit and prevents body fat.

Tips for weight loss: Avoid junk foods, fatty foods, and high-sugar foods. Following a healthy diet with proper sleep helps you lose weight healthily.

15. Increases appetite:

Nowadays, many of them take food at irregular times, and some of them leave breakfast in the morning. Mainly, appetite and indigestion make you avoid morning foods. Taking murungai poo regularly helps increase appetite and boost energy levels. It can be consumed by people of all ages.

Tips to increase appetite: Take murungai poo powder with fat milk. Also, take bananas, soaked nuts, avocado, yogurt, and ginger juice. These foods help increase appetite.

Frequently asked questions:

a). What’s called murungai poo in English?

The English name of murungai poo is “Drumstick flower”.

b). Murungai poo benefits for females:

  1. Increases fertility
  2. Reduces menstrual cramps
  3. Reduces blood sugar levels
  4. Increases appetite
  5. Improves bone strength

c). Best murungai poo powder:

There are a lot of murungai poo powders available online. According to my choice, the best value and best quality murungai poo powder

d). Best murungai poo legiyam:

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I hope you get quality information about “murungai poo powder benefits”. Mainly, it’s very helpful for infertility. Many of them waste a lot of money on infertility problems. Just give it a chance for murungai poo and try it for 45 days. That’s all, friends. If you like the post, kindly share it with your friends and subscribe to Vangappa to get regular herbal updates. Thank you. Be nature, always vangappa!

By Karthikeyan

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