Sukku milagu thippili powder benefits

Sukku milagu thippili powder benefits:

Hello vangappa, In this post, you are going to learn about “sukku milagu thippili powder benefits”. Generally, many of them know that this combination is very effective for treating colds. Yes, actually, the main benefit of this powder is treating colds and fevers. This is a powerful ancient medicine that has been used by our ancestors. The powerful combination of sukku, milagu, and thippili is called “Thirikadugam”.

When I wrote this post, I remembered my grandma. She is always drinking “Sukku coffee”. My grandma says it relieves a cold and fever immediately and has various health benefits stored inside it. Moreover, many village people still have a routine of taking this kashayam. The ancient Siddhas mention that this combination will increase the life span up to 100 years. But it’s not scientifically proven. Ok, let’s see the complete benefits of using sukku, milagu, and thippili powder.

Sukku milagu thippili powder benefits

Listed the benefits of using sukku milagu thippili powder:

  1. Effectively reduces cold and fever
  2. Boosts Immune power
  3. Reduces headache
  4. Treats constipation
  5. Reduces stomach pain
  6. Supports weight loss
  7. Increases appetite
  8. Increases masculinity
  9. Good for menstrual pain
  10. Detox body toxins

1. Reduces cold and fever:

The combination of sukku, milagu, and thippili is effective in reducing colds and fevers. Below, I mention the preparation of this thirikadugam kashayam.

2. Boosts Immune power:

To lead a healthy life, one must maintain the body’s immune system. As the way, this combination has a power-packed solution to boost immune power. This kashayam is taken by people of all ages.

3. Reduces Headache:

Nowadays, headaches are a common problem for everyone. It’s mainly caused by tension, pressure, heavy work, and a lack of sleep. The natural remedy for treating headaches is thirikadugam coffee (Sukku, Milagu, and Thippili). It can be use both internally and externally. For external use, apply sukku powder to the head for faster relief.

4. Treats constipation:

Those who are facing constipation problems can take the thirukadugam kashayam. It’s very effective for clearing constipation issues.

5. Reduces stomach pain:

There are so many remedies for treating stomach pain. But one of the best ayurvedic remedies is sukku milagu thippili. It helps reduce stomach pain and prevent digestive issues.

6. Supports weight loss:

Generally, to lose weight, you need to burn calories. To burn calories, you need to do proper exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Apart from that, there are some drinks to cut belly fat. One of the drinks is sukku milagu thippili kashayam. Taking this kashayam regularly reduces body fat and promotes weight loss.

7. Increases appetite:

In this generation, most young people avoid morning food, which causes ulcer problems. Due to a lack of appetite, they can’t take the food well. The thirikadugam kashayam has the power to increase appetite.

8. Increases masculinity:

Taking this kashayam regularly increases the masculinity level. Also increases the body’s strength.

9. Good for menstrual pain:

One of the natural problems faced by every girl is menstrual pain. Salute to all the women who take care of us. By taking thirikadugam, you can reduce the level of menstrual pain.

10. Detox body toxins:

Nowadays, we eat a lot of junk food. It causes excess toxins in our bodies. So, doing a healthy body detox will cleanse your liver and get out all the toxins. The sukku, milagu, and thipili have great anti-oxidant properties that flush out the body’s toxins.

There are a lot of benefits stored inside this kashayam. Let’s see the preparation and main benefits of sukku, milagu, and thipili kashayam.

Ingredients to prepare sukku milagu thippili powder kashayam:

Preparation of Sukku milagu thippili kashayam:

  • Step 1: Buy good-quality thirikadugam powder (you can also try it manually by adding sukku, milagu, and thipili).
  • Step 2: Take all the ingredients that I mentioned.
  • Step 3: Before starting, take a vessel, a bowl, and a tablespoon.
  • Step 4: First, add two tablespoons of thirikadugam powder to the bowl.
  • Step 5: Next, add 250 ml of water.
  • Step 6: Now, turn on your gas stove and place the vessel over it.
  • Step 7: Boil it well and add one tablespoon of honey and jaggery. (It’s effective for curing colds).
  • Step 8: Mix it well with a tablespoon. (If sweetness is required, add extra)
  • Step 9: That’s all. The healthiest sukku milagu thippili powder kashayam is ready.

Also, you can use milk instead of hot water. It promotes good sleep.

Uses of sukku milagu thippili kashayam:

Ingredients Uses
Thirikadugam powder (Sukku, milagu and thippili)This combination is effective for reducing colds and strengthening the body.
HoneyHoney is a great antioxidant; it promotes weight loss and reduces colds.
JaggeryJaggery increases energy and aids in digestion.
Sukku milagu thippili powder benefits

Frequently asked questions:

a). What about Sukku milagu thippili sitharathai combination?

The combination of sukku milagu thippili sitharathai is more effective in treating colds and fevers. Sitharathai in English is called “Lesser Galangal”. By adding sitharathai, it cures chronic colds.

b). How to prepare sukku milagu thippili rasam?

It’s simple. Just like preparing normal rasam, but include a little amount of sukku, milagu, and thippili in it.

c). Sukku milagu thippili in english:

Ayurvedic ingredientsEnglish name
SukkuDried Ginger
Milagu Tailed pepper
ThippiliLong pepper


I hope you get good quality information about “Sukku milagu thippili powder benefits”. Seriously, this combination is very effective, friends. Don’t take any tablets for treating normal headaches and colds. Connect with natural herbs; it’s very good for health. If you like this post, share it on your social media platforms and subscribe to receive regular updates. Thank you. Be natural; always vangappa!

By Karthikeyan

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