Top 10 Mudavattukal kilangu benefits

Top 10 Mudavattukal kilangu benefits:

Hello vangappa, In this post, you are going to learn about the “top 10 Mudavattukal Kilangu benefits”. In the current generation, most of them don’t know about this kilangu. So, follow Vangappa to get back to our hidden culture. The name Mudavattukal refers to “Muttu” and “Attukal”. It looks like attukal (goat leg), and it’s very beneficial to muttu vali (knee pain), so our ancestors (Munnorgal) named this kilangu “Mudavattukal kilangu”. It’s also called “Veg attukal”.

Mudavattukal kilangu

This plant is mostly found in hilly areas (Kolimalai, Yercaud), and it’s naturally grown with the help of mountain herbal water. So, it’s a very powerful, God-gifted natural medicine that has amazing body-healing properties. I believe all of them drink “attukal soup”. The reason for drinking attukal soup is to relieve bone pain. As well, the mudavattukal is very effective for treating knee pain, improving bone strength, and renewing bone tissues.

Let’s see the top 10 benefits of mudavattukal kilangu:

  1. Relieves joint pain
  2. Connect joint tissues
  3. Strengthens bones
  4. Reduces blood sugar levels
  5. Natural pain killer
  6. Reduces bacterial inflammation
  7. Relieves throat infection
  8. Reduces oxidative stress
  9. Maintains heart health
  10. Detox liver

1. Relieves joint pain:

In this generation, joint pain is one of the most common problems, mainly after reaching the age of 40. The major reasons for causing joint pain are our food methods and a lack of exercise. Those who are affected by knee pain can take mudavattukal kilangu soup. It effectively relieves pain when taken regularly.

2. Connect Joint tissues:

The joint tissues provide strength to the bones. Most of them face heavy pain while walking because, when walking, the weak tissue moving causes pain. This kilangu has the power to develop and build bone tissue.

Mudavattukal kilangu

3. Strengthen bones:

According to the age factor, our bone strength is decreasing each year. For maintaining stronger bones, you need to take type-2 collagen (it’s only sourced from animals like fish, bovine, etc.). By taking mudavattukal kilangu soup, it boosts the level of collagen and provides bone strength.

4. Reduces blood sugar levels:

Mudavattukal is very beneficial for diabetes. It reduces blood sugar levels when taken regularly. Also, avoiding high-sugar foods reduces blood sugar levels faster.

5. Natural pain killer:

It acts as a natural painkiller. So, it relieves all types of body pain, including knee pain. Taking this kilangu on a regular basis boosts the immune system.

6. Reduces bacterial inflammation:

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of mudavattukal kilangu reduce bacterial inflammation that affects our body.

7. Relieves throat infection:

Taking mudavattukal kilangu soup with the combination of milagu and jeera cures throat infections. Moreover, it provides a great immune powder.

8. Reduces oxidative stress:

Oxidative stress is caused by obesity, high stress, and age. The mudavattukal has the power to reduce oxidative stress and prevent free radical damage.

9. Maintains heart health:

Mudavattukal is effective in maintaining heart health. Below, I mention the soup using this kilangu. So definitely try it; it keeps your heart healthy.

10. Detox liver:

In our body, most of the toxins are stored in the liver. So we need to drink more water to cleanse the liver. By taking mudavattukal soup in the early morning, makes your liver detox.

There are numerous benefits stored inside this mudavattukal kilangu. Seriously, I’m happy to share this post with you. Really, it’s most effective for joint pain. To get all the benefits, let me share the preparation of mudavattukal kilangu soup.

Ingredients to prepare mudavattukal kilangu soup:

Steps to prepare mudavattukal kilangu soup:

  • Step 1: Buy good-quality mudavattukal kilangu.
  • Step 2: Take all the ingredients that I mentioned.
  • Step 3: Before starting, take a plate, a vessel, and a stirrer.
  • Step 4: First, take a mixer jar and put in 1 tablespoon of jeera.
  • Step 5: Next, add one tablespoon of milagu.
  • Step 6: Cut 10–15 pundu (garlic) pieces and add them to the mixer.
  • Step 7: Add 2-3 inji (ginger) and small onion pieces.
  • Step 8: Now it’s time to add our main ingredient, “Mudavattukal kilangu” (add small pieces, don’t add much, and remove the skin).
  • Step 9: At last, add three cut tomatoes to the mixer jar.
  • Step 10: Now turn on your mixer and make a thick paste.
  • Step 11: On the other side, turn on the gas stove and put the vessel over it.
  • Step 12: Add two tablespoons of sesame oil.
  • Step 13: Put small pieces of pattai, elachi, and cloves (krambu).
  • Step 14: Add the mixed paste to the vessel.
  • Step 15: At last, add turmeric powder and the required amount of salt.
  • Step 16: Finally, add 4-5 glasses of water and stir it well.
  • Step 17: After the water is well boiled, turn off the gas stove.
  • Step 18: That’s all. The healthiest Mudavattukal Kilangu soup is ready

Uses of mudavattukal kilangu soup:

Ingredients Uses
Mudavattukal kilanguRelieves bone pain and supports tissue growth.
JeeraJeera supports weight loss and improves digestion.
MilaguMilagu is a great antioxidant. It treats colds and prevents constipation.
GarlicGarlic boosts immune power and reduces blood pressure levels.
GingerGinger improves digestion and reduce the risk of cancer.
Small onion Small onion improve heart health and supports gut health.
TomatoTomatoes are rich in vitamin C, which keeps skin glowing and reduces cholesterol levels.

Frequently asked questions:

a). Can I use Mudavattukal kilangu powder?

Yes, you can use Mudavattukal Kilangu powder. It’s available online. Check it out here.

b). Mudavattukal kilangu where to buy?

Nowadays, it’s easily available online. Also, you can find them in Kolimalai and Yercaud districts.

c). What is the price of mudavattukal kilangu?

The price will differ depending on the website and quantity of the product. For a nominal price, you can check here.


I hope you get some quality information about the “Mudavattukal Kilangu Benefits.” There are many natural kilangu products out there, but this one is very effective in treating knee pain and maintaining bone health. Try it once to feel the results. If you like this post, kindly share it with your friends, family and subscribe to Vangappa to get regular natural herbs updates. Thank you. Be natural; always vangappa!

By Karthikeyan

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