Top 10 Murungai pisin benefits

Top 10 Murungai pisin benefits:

Hello vangappa, In this post, you are going to learn about the “Top 10 Murungai Pisin Benefits.” Generally, all of them know murgai keerai and murungai kai because we use them in our regular foods. But most of them don’t know about murungai pisin and its benefits. So, I definitely need to share this post with our generation. Like badam pisin, this one also provides various health benefits to our body.

This murungai pisin is brown in colour and looks like a thick jelly. It’s taken from a murungai tree. A single tree provides murungai kai, murungai keerai, murungai poo, and murungai pisin. All the parts of the tree are very beneficial to our health. Mainly village people still use this pisin to improve male sperm count and fertility. This murungai pisin is rich in calcium, fibre, phosphorus, potassium, and a lot of vitamins. It’s easily available in all Nattu Marunthu shops. Let’s see the complete benefits of using murungai pisin.

Murungai pisin

Let’s see the top 10 benefits of murungai pisin:

  1. Increases red blood cells
  2. Increases male sperm
  3. Improves bone health
  4. Boosts testosterone
  5. Reduces body heat
  6. Reduces blood sugar levels
  7. Strengthen body
  8. Makes skin glow
  9. Improves digestion
  10. Treats constipation

1. Increases red blood cells:

Maintaining the correct amount of red blood cells is very important for leading a healthy life. It passes oxygen from the lungs and transfers it to all parts of the body. If the count is lower, it leads to anaemia. Taking murungai pisin regularly increases the number of red blood cells.

2. Increases male sperm:

This murungai pisin has the power to increase male sperm counts. It increases male sperm quality and supports sexual health. Also, it improves male fertility and provides strength to the body.

3. Improves bone health:

From a young age, many face knee pain and bone weakness. Due to our current generation’s food style, it will surely happen. Following the natural method is always good for your health. Like taking murungai pisin, it helps to strengthen bone tissue and help it develop.

4. Boosts testosterone:

As a male, testosterone is an important factor in increasing body strength and boosting muscle mass. For boosting testosterone, you need to eat high-protein foods. Taking murungai pisin improves testosterone levels and promotes thick hair growth.

5. Reduces body heat:

Body heat is mainly caused by eating oily foods and climatic changes. To reduce body heat, you need to drink more water and do some exercise. Taking murungai pisin with sarbath reduces body heat. Like badam pisin, this one has body coolant properties.

6. Reduces blood sugar levels:

Eating high-sugar foods regularly causes weight gain and increases blood sugar levels. So, anything taken in a certain quantity is good for health. Many village people take murgai pisin to reduce blood sugar levels.

7. Strengthen body:

Due to studies, most of the students are not eating well. Even some office-going people are not eating at the correct time. It causes body weakness and ulcer issues. Taking murungai pisin provides strength to our body and prevents nerve disorders.

8. Makes skin glow:

Nowadays, many skin care products are launched to make your skin glow. That’s ok. But not only external treatments make your skin glow. For a permanent skin glow, you need to follow a healthy diet. Taking this pisin regularly keeps your skin hydrated and supports collagen production.

9. Improves digestion:

Most of them eat healthy foods, but sometimes they also cause digestive problems. The reason is that it can’t convert food into energy. So, after eating, you need to walk for at least 10 minutes. Taking murungai pisin supports faster digestion.

10. Treats constipation:

Those affected by constipation problems can take murungai pisin gel. It relieves constipation and stomach pain.

There are numerous benefits stored inside this murungai pisin. To get all the benefits, let me share the preparation of murungai pisin.

Ingredients to prepare murungai pisin drink:

Steps to prepare murungai pisin drink:

  • Step 1: Buy good-quality murgai pisin.
  • Step 2: Take all the ingredients that I mentioned.
  • Step 3: Before starting, take a bowl and a tablespoon.
  • Step 4: First, take 2-3 pieces of murungai pisin and soak them in water.
  • Step 5: Leave it overnight.
  • Step 6: Good morning. Next day, take a glass of warm milk.
  • Step 7: Add the overnight-soaked pisin to the milk.
  • Step 8: Now, add a small amount of jaggery.
  • Step 9: Finally, add dry fruits and nuts. Mix it well.
  • Step 10: That’s all; the energised murungai pisin drink is ready. Enjoy the drink.

Uses of murungai pisin drink:

Murungai PisinIncreases male sperm count and strengthens bones.
MilkMilk is rich in calcium, supports bone health, and provides deep sleep.
JaggeryJaggery boosts energy levels and increases the taste of any food.
Dry fruits & NutsDry fruits and nuts are rich in proteins that help build muscles. Also, it provides instant energy.

Frequently asked questions:

a). Murungai pisin in english?

The English name of murungai pisin is “Murungai resin”.

b). Can I use murungai pisin powder?

Yes sure, you can also use murungai pisin powder. But it’s better to take murungai pisin directly.

c). What are the benefits of murungai pisin powder?

Like murungai pisin gel, the powder also provides the same benefits that I mentioned above. But I recommend taking murungai pisin instead of taking it in powder form.

d). Can I buy murungai pisin online?

Yes, you can buy online. Also, it’s available in all Nattu Marunthu shops.

e). Side effects of murungai pisin?

It doesn’t have any serious side effects. But taking it twice a week doesn’t cause any side effects. Connect with your doctor once before taking anything because everyone’s body is different.


I hope you get quality information about “Murungai pisin benefits”. It’s really effective in increasing male sperm count and supporting fertility. Girls can also take this murungai pisin. If you like the post, kindly share it with your friends and subscribe to Vangappa to get regular herbal updates. Thank you. Be nature, always vangappa!

By Karthikeyan

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